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Wood, paper and cardboard recycling

The depletion of forests for wood, paper and related products has been a global concern for many years. At Country Waste Management we maintain a strong focus on recycling wood and derived products for the most cost-effective and ecologically sound future. With shredding machine capable of shredding 80 tonnes of wood materials per hour, we we chip and recycle all woods.

 In addition to wood recycling, we provide recycling solutions for paper and cardboard, which is baled and then processing on for further recycling. For the sake of expedience, we provide dedicated recycling containers for all sites with regular collections.

Plastic and metal recycling

Whereas wood and related products concern us because of their increasingly scarcity, plastics causes ecological concern due to its extraordinary longevity. As plastic takes millions of years to decompose, recycling rather than mass-production becomes increasingly important. We extract, bale and recycle most grades of plastic at our site.

In addition to the above services, we offer a metal recycling service. Using a range of manual and automated recycling techniques, we ensure that the minimal amount of metal is sent to landfill.


Secondary aggregates

We specialise in the creation of secondary aggregates - literally, using crushed down mixed concrete and hard core to produce new industrially viable aggregates suitable for temporary roads, piling mats, private driveways and more. The processes which we use in the creation of these secondary aggregates allow us to crush materials to a variety of sizes as required.


Country Waste Management provides environmentally friendly recycling. Call us on 0208 665 0620

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